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Kaan has taken 5 hours of running class from you, and he is already running like a champ.  Let's see if we can get him to run the NYC marathon soon :-)


ps: I sent your information to the PFC soccer club, and recommended for them to reach out to discuss possible classes that could be offered at the Princeton University Dome during the winter session, or in the field in the Spring season.


Coach GP has helped me dramatically improve my running over the past year.  He's knowledgeable, highly motivating, and an outstanding communicator.  


Despite the fact that I live 70 miles from him it feels like we are neighbors given how often we text, email and talk

Paul Bjorneby

About two years ago, my daughter Abbie was ready to give up running for good. After spending two years in a very negative environment at her high school, she was all but finished with a sport she had learned to love. The coaching environment was toxic; athletes were used and discarded as if they were pieces in a game where the only goal was to win. With her confidence nearly broken by this ruthless system, Abbie decided that running just wasn’t for her anymore. 


However, things changed when we found out about Coach GP through a trainer at a gym that Abbie went to. She had expressed her exasperation about her high school coaching to the trainer, and he, in turn, mentioned a man that he had met while working out at his local track. 


It was a rainy day when we pulled up to GP’s house. I could tell Abbie was wary of the situation, there was little hope left to be found. After speaking with GP, however, there was a slight difference in Abbie’s attitude. I could definitely detect a change which I now identify as the return of that hope.


Coach GP was one of the best things to ever happen to my daughter in terms of her running career. She came to him as a broken athlete, devoid of the tenacity and fire she had previously possessed. With his help, Abbie moved on from that rainy day in Coach GP’s living room her junior year of high school to run at The College of New Jersey. She learned about the mechanics of running: proper form, cadence, foot strike— instead of being thrown into workouts without any explanation like she was used to. He taught her about proper nutrition and how to take care of her body and avoid injury. He showed her how to train like a professional— which is something that has served her very well when competing in collegiate-level athletics. The camaraderie associated with the other athletes GP trained created networks of friendships that Abbie and I will never forget. 


Coach GP helped my daughter to learn to love running again, and for that, my family and I will always be grateful. 

Kathy F.

Parent of a High School Track Athlete

My daughter was struggling as a sophomore in high school with her times on the track and unable to improve.  This, in turn, got her so frustrated that she cried at the end of a meet going back home, which is very unlike her. In fact, there were races when she thought she was getting worse instead of better.  This is when I had to try and find someone to help her since she wasn't a born runner.


Luckily I found Coach GP right away thru my sister in law.  Through his knowledge and expertise, my girl was on her way to success.  She learned things that her school coach either didn't know or just didn't have the time to teach. Proper nutrition, hydration, stretching and ice baths were just some standard lessons he went over weekly with all of his athletes.


Coach GP was able to change some running techniques that helped her confidence almost immediately. His love for the sport and commitment made it so easy for her to grasp concepts and strategies that before long she was cutting off seconds on both her 200m and 400m times.  


Now in her first year of college, I believe she has what it takes to be a Division I runner.  Even though her season hasn't started yet, I do feel as though she will be right  there with the top 3 on her team.


Thank you Coach GP for your time and commitment.

Mari Laurence

Parent of a High School Track Athlete

When you work with GP, you get more than just a plan, you get actual coaching. There is so much more to training than just having a workout plan. 


Race strategy, workout feedback, and changes, and guidance through the normal ups and downs of training are equally important components to address. Everyone has goals, and life has a way of throwing obstacles in the way. GP's seen it all and knows when to be positive and when to kick you in the pants.

I've hit every running goal I've set with GP as my coach (including a sub 3hr marathon after turning 40), and they are goals we've often set together over a decade plus of working together. 

GP is a fantastic coach and friend.

Jason Elliott

Masters athlete

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