The Red Oval....

Life in the Fast Lane

A good friend of mine and former elite training partner Danny G, an excellent California High School track & XC coach described the environment of track as 'Carnegie Hall' ~ elite, high line and precise and road training and racing as Rock n Roll ~ I most definitely subscribe to this mindset. Track is the perfect environment to train students of all ages, to help them develop their craft in all facets from technical running form, to pacing precision to understanding the language (and subsequently how to construct) of a cardiopulmonary training program. It is also a setting where we develop mental strength and braveness due to its inherent associated intensity and the fact that there is nowhere to therefore should not be underestimated that the 'red oval' is also the ideal location to develop and mature our psychological strength and profile as a competitive runner...the greater the physical stress we can handle, the greater our mental toughness and confidence becomes and the greater this becomes, the greater the degree of mental stress we can handle. Thus there is a positive upward vortex here...

For more information on how and where to attend our weekend track sessions at three separate locations around the Tri State area e mail me at

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