The return of the (All New) Iron Maidens All Women's Running Group (Tribe)

Life in the Fast Lane

    In the mid nineties I co-founded the Iron Maiden's Women's Running Group in Santa Cruz, California. It offered a safe developmental environment of camaraderie and professional coaching to female runners of all levels.. The timing was fortuitous for sure as in 1994 Oprah Winfrey graced the cover of an issue of Runner's World Magazine which in turn ignited a woman's running movement that has never stopped since..Eventually I moved to the East coach and my co-coach moved back to England with her family. (Yes coincidentally we were both English) and the Iron Maidens 'ran its course' was something I always treasured as part of the tapestry of my coaching history. Now some twenty + years later since the original Iron Maidens began, I, along with my new Iron Maidens coaching partner and co-founder, Erica Coviello are bringing it back. We can be found on Facebook at our Iron Maidens Women's Running Page and on Instagram too at @ironmaidensrunning.Very shortly our Iron Maidens website will be up and Live !  

        We have a superb advisory board of Caitlin Dorgan, Joanne Wilkes and Barbara Pomery and are planning some very exciting National Figureheads as well. 

        Our mission is to once again provide a safe, effective developmental environment of professional coaching with all associated resources and to offer a team environment with great camaraderie, commencing on a local level of Ocean and Monmouth Counties in NJ and then ultimately developing a regional and National platform and profile with lead Iron Maiden Ambassadors across the USA..If you are interested in becoming an Iron Maidens Ambassador then please e mail me with your information at and reasons why you think you would be the perfect fit to be an Iron Maidens Ambassador in your home area.

        The full extent of our goals, plans and mission for our team will become more apparent in the days ahead as our website becomes Live. Below is an article in the Sam Jose Mercury News about the original Iron Maidens along with the original logo.

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