Active kids need to 'tilt the fridge' !

This is an issue that has been pervasive for decades to many segments of the population and although more commonly associated with females and female athletes it is by no means exclusionary to the male or male athlete population.

I am not a registered dietician or nutritionist, let's get that out there right away, and this blog is not intended as nutritional advice but simply editorial.'Life in the Fast Lane' is my blog, my opinion and my take.

This take is intended to editorialize about the young athlete. Active concern today is with the misinformation that kids have availability to and are potentially exposed to on the internet. I am actually involved with a case right now where we are working to overcome this, trying to limit a young athlete's internet time as the particular athlete is taking it upon themself to assume certain things about nutrition when looking at pictures of world class athletes in distance running and track and making false assumptions about their diets and as such the trickle down effect is that it is their perception that they do not look like the athletes in the pictures and therefore they (the young athlete) must be eating too much- net result- they start restricting their intake and their body image goes to pieces.

This is a dangerous place to be and so as a parent or as a coach you must not only watch the situation extremely closely but if deemed necessary you must collaborate together to discuss whether to engage the help of a professional in this opinion is to not hesitate...

Communication is the key here with the active young student...keep engaged with them and communicate with them, ask questions and observe their behaviors and keep the coach in the loop...discuss the grocery shopping with them, get them involved, ask questions of them that are open ended that require an answer and encourage and invite them to ask questions and be patient with them- not always easy but you must be. Have them accompany you to the grocery store and to be involved. Lead by example by eating sufficient quantities of food and making sound rational balanced choices....we don't have to be a saint to be an athlete, we can have balance in our choices.

Most of all, a very active young athlete (of course it goes without saying that we are talking without special considerations here such as DB1 OR DB2) needs a plethora of calories and that starts with a strong healthy well balanced but plentiful breakfast, incorporating protein as well as carbs and all washed down with fresh water... send your active athlete off to school with good food choices in their lunch box and a water bottle and then if they have post school sports such as my youngest son Sam, make sure they are refueled sensibly before undertaking strenuous physical exercise and then give them protein within a half hour of the end of practice be it a snack or dinner...if it is a snack then make sure they have a good dinner during the evening again with fresh water...

Don't be picky yourself, kids are smart, astute and sharp, they will pick up on our house we are all very active and we all 'tilt the fridge' because we need to.. My suggestion is if you are an active family with active children, that you do the same ~!

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