'Living on the other side of comfortability'

Life in the Fast Lane

As a former competitive runner for many years and now as a professional coach I have come to realize that there are many aspects, many elements, many factors that separate those with talent that fall short of maximizing their potential with those that fully ascend to the very limits that their DNA will afford. But perhaps, just perhaps I have to come to realize that at the forefront of this separation or fork in the road is the ability to 'live on the other side of comfortability'

Years ago in my DVD 'Training and Racing in the Pursuit of Success, Not Fear if Failure' I stated that the more physical stress you can accept, the mentally stronger you would become and as such the more physical stress you could take etc etc lifting you to greater heights and levels of training.

I still believe this to be the case but my thoughts have evolved from here, become more specific- it is the harmony between strength of mind and calm of mind coupled with an unwavering confidence in one's ability to succeed and one's unwavering ability to move from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm (Sir Winston Churchill) that sit at the very heart of this crossroads...

The ability to micromanage your hard runs, your tempo runs, cruise intervals, Vo2 sessions, long runs into bite size series of moment by moment segments. In other words these runs in their totality are broken down into a continuous or connected series of sections controlled by your breathing cadence, I.e. 3-1 as an example- an out breath on your left foot strike followed by an in breath over the next right,left,right steps -a one, two, three, four rhythm or cadence that gets repeated for the entire run or race distance.

A series of 'connected dots' or breathing cycles each one the same joined together for the entire duration of the session. These replicative segments provide a continuous efficient rhythm all the while allowing the mind to remain in the moment, remain calm not allowing the mind to get carried away by being overwhelmed from expanding its outlook too far ahead and as such by staying in the moment during this micro managed efficient rhythm, you will be better equipped to stave off negative thoughts that are always there but can be held at bay by remaining present- the moment you expand too far into the future, the realization that there is still a long time remaining at this high degree of intensity, living on the other side of comfortability will become all too consuming and overpowering eventually or perhaps even immediately causing you to slow down or worse still give up.... It is not a continuous sustained run in totality, it is simply a series of moments or segments, each one the same controlled by a breathing cadence that when you you connect the dots (breathing cycles)make up the totality of the run or race....

Try this on your next hard session and learn to live on the other side of comfortability and you will be well on your way to taking the fork in the road that allows you to full ascend to all that your DNA will afford you ~!

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