So you think you know better than a Kenyan?!

Life in the Fast Lane !

There are elements to our sport of competitive running that are complicated, the intricacies of controlling the mind and body whilst excluding distractions for example but there are elements that are very simplistic. There is no need for a plethora of complicated equipment to be able to run but there are also elements, or more specifically runners that take the simple and make it complex for no reason. The professional runner, the Kenyan runner for does not do this..

   Speaking to this point and making it specific to the USA this type of situation I am about to discuss drives me nuts...I am not sure if it is borne out of arrogance or ignorance or perhaps insecurity and fear?  Yes, I think that is it, insecurity and fear, what other explanation could there be for an average to above average amateur runner taking the 'page of the Kenyan runner's philosophy and creed' proven over generations, tearing it up and tossing it aside? I truly don't know?  But we're American, this means we need immediate gratification, we need success today, if we don't push then what's the point? No pain, no gain right?, success is our right, right?......wrong....totally wrong!  We as Americans or Westerners in general are not super human ~ oh yes, we may be highly educated at one top shelf institution or another and this we may think may entitle us or guarantee us success and perhaps it does in the business corporate world but it also means quite often a complete bereft of common sense or 'security' in ourself as an athlete...

    It also means (as I have written countless times before) that you are no match for and have no business 'tugging on the tail of El Dragon' from whence you will be smited down.....

    Make no mistake, Kenyans can handle the complex workout better than you and I can dream of but just as with my wonderful Mexican training partners from yesteryear they have an innate understanding of the universe, how it works, how to maintain balance and how to stay away from tugging on El Dragon's tail...they understand the reasons for why when it is time to run slow we run slow and we run steady following the  plan, striving for trust and denouncing insecurity, trusting in the plan and trusting in themselves for the long term greater good of their respective athletic the next time you are 'Metrocomplex Centric' and you are a 17++ minute 5k runner and you are supposed to be running an easy 6-10 mile run as an aerobic threshold recovery run, then you may want to take pause, give thought to why  you are overtaking a Kenyan runner on his easy run when that same runner if he were to race you in a 5,000 on a track would lap you multiple times !

        Sometimes, to run faster, you have to learn how to slow here is a concept, slow down ! Your body, your mind, and yes, your coach will thank you for it !

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