Hit those trails for a 'change of pace'

Hit those trails !

Life in the Fast Lane ~

I love to run roads, I do, I love hitting the track but I also love to hit the trails and the country roads...the trails provide fabulous rich air quality and of course shade to help with those summer scorcher days...of course one has to be careful of poison ivy if one is allergic and especially careful of ticks in the summer time but you can assist here by wearing a three quarter tight and 3/4 length sleeved tech shirt..

Make sure you know where you are headed and let others know in advance where you will be going and how long you expect to be gone... Make sure you have appropriate safety factors taken care of such as carrying a phone, making sure you have ID, pencil flashlight. Bring money with you and plenty of fluids and energy foods on board if this is going to be a deep brush long run....of course there are shorter and less advanced trails which are great. My training partners and I used to run the trails of the Forest of Nisene Marks and Waddell Creek out in the Monterey Bay and they were fabulous for endurance, strength work, agility, balance, body control and just sheer pleasurable fun !

Being at one with nature out here on these trails can be one of the most pleasurable, peaceful, awe inspiring things imaginable, highlighting some of the most spectacular scenery this gorgeous planet has to offer..so go ahead...treat yourself and hit those trails....your body and mind will be glad you did....bring a friend...they will be glad you did and you will have someone to share the experience with !

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