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What we have here is the ability to communicate !

It is unfortunate that one of the things that is good for my coaching business has to happen at all ! Namely the need for a Medical Professional be it an Orthopedic Surgeon, Podiatrist, Physical Therapist or other to refer me streams of High School and Collegiate athletes that have had their 'motors' exhausted fully at the expense of flaws and weaknesses in their running technique. (Optimal running mechanics).

A few years ago in 2007 I gave a lecture to 175 running coaches in Brazil and was astonished at the lack of knowledge or awareness to the critical need for knowledge, focus and attention in this area..

In short, many (not all) High school coaches are a menace to their students. Irresponsible in their 'blind spot' to the true needs and development of their aspiring student athletes. Develop the athlete, do not use the athlete for short term gain but rather teach and create a longer term approach for the greater good of the student and indeed for the long term success of our sport in this country (USA) and worldwide....if you as the coach do not understand optimal running technique and its intrinsic benefits then how will your students? The answer is, they won't !

My suggestion is come find me, I am easy to reach, I will help you to read, recognize and adjust an athlete appropriately in terms of their movement as well providing you the tools of how to communicate their movement to them so that they can understand and become teachers aswell..e mail me at and make an appointment with me to increase your knowledge and 'up your game'. It will be arguably the best coaching decision that you ever made...



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