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EJ at the Chicago Marathon in

An email from July 11th 2017 reprinted with permission of the Author:

Hi GP- Strangely enough I came across our first emails this morning, exactly one year after the fact! I wanted to take the time to recognize this and share some of our accomplishments together! The last 365 days: 1,726 miles run Achieved our first goal with a BQ in tough conditions in Philly, while dealing with less than ideal real life issues 8x400s -20s or so off lap time Sub maximal pace down significantly Official 10k PR of +8 min 13.1 PR -3min 26.2 PR -8min A 1.03 10mi at Broad St Run Thank you for your help and guidance this past year. I have so much respect for the way you go about your business and you've taken me further than I could ever take myself. I'm an avid reader of your blogs/email updates and you always inspire me as an athlete, father and husband. Looking forward to what the future holds! -EJ

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