Intrinsic over Extrinsic....

Life in the Fast lane !

Today's daily musings of a professional running coach over a nice hot cuppa java are related to my reality that the faster or more elite the runner the more intrinsic they are in their mental and physical approach to their training and racing. As an example if we were to sit in the bleachers at the end of a major marathon adjacent to the finish line such as in New York we would notice the considerable difference in the amount of technology (gadgets) worn by the professional runners and indeed the very accomplished local, regional and National Class club runners.

This is not an accident or coincidence. The elite runner understands the requirement for intrinsic feedback, the constant self awareness,self diagnosis on what is taking place internally in body and soul during a run or race focused on key constructive elements including but not limited to their running efficiency and movement such as body posture, ground mechanics (foot contact position), breathing cadence and rhythm, pacing and remaining calm and in the moment. So often, sadly, the newer or more novice runner never exercises the opportunity to practice this collective skill set as they are inundated and encouraged to do the very opposite ~namely to purchase this or that latest gizmo or gadget promising them untold 'riches' of data in the search for faster race times yet ironically depriving them of the very development of the elements at the heart of becoming a more elite, sophisticated, faster and more accomplished runner because it is the ability to go intrinsic that allows you to find the peace inside of pain when training or racing at one's outer limits~the ability to remain calm and clear of thought, strong of mind in the here and now as you overcome the constant bombardment of the brain's chattering at you to slow down or stop..

Mental fortitude must come from a place of calmness that is organic in nature in turn affording you the chance to remain positive of thought constructively processing and figuring things out whilst you manage to exclude all distractions to focus on the task at hand...yes, excluding all distractions, not voluntarily encouraging an external distraction to take you away from the very things you need to be working on....your in game management, in the here and now and always in the my advice for this day and moving forward is take a tip from the elites, drop the unnecessary gizmos and gadgets and choose intrinsic over extrinsic...

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