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The Red Oval !

Life in the Fast Lane

Carnegie Hall is how my good friend and incredible runner Danny G described track and contrasting with road running and racing being more like Rock & Roll.....that imagery and metaphor works for me...

The message and purpose of today's 'Life in the Fast Lane' blog is to convey that a track is a phenomenal place to train and race for sure but also that it is to be respected but not feared...if runners think or find it boring then quite frankly they are just misguided and not understanding of the language, subtlety and nuance of the 'Red Oval' !

Strangely enough, especially in the early development of a track runner it is not speed that I am looking to engender but rather, speed control or pacing by way of the specific distance and paces that I am having a given runner run at. In other words there is no great skill in teaching an aspiring racing driver to put their foot flat to the floor and drive a car to a point where they lose control and crash into a wall, no, the skill is in learning to control the race car at speed, and so it is such with the young runner....

Very often we do not even get into the 'driving lane' of the track but rather work off to the side, keeping within a small canvas to learn the secrets and skills of what lay beneath the surface of elite or skilled technical running....learning the meaning and purpose of 'per second per second running' the reasons for 'horizontal movement and flight' the connection between the 'bow & arrow' , how to incorporate 'breathing cadence' and different 'stride patterns' to adjust to to changing internal and external conditions.... Indeed my friends and athletes, there is so much to learn to maximize your potential as a runner and I encourage you to start by experimenting with learning to harness and develop the inner track runner in you.....there is just no place like the 'Red Oval' !

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