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Life in the Fast Lane

In the mighty Fargo Dome !

I have been a professional running coach for some twenty-two years say that my running career commenced in humble beginnings is an understatement of significant unexpected 5k race in Van Cortland in the Bronx NY in the Fall of 1989 arranged in cloak and dagger fashion by my sister Nicole led to a year later,somehow, someway (you know the story by now) a humbling, humiliating crushing 4.41 New York Marathon that figuratively (and darn near literally) brought me to my knees....but it was a defining sent me looking for answers to so many questions that it raised.. years later, upon reflection I concluded the New York Marathon gave me a I sat on a bench that Sunday late afternoon, November 3rd 1990, (after placing 17,271 overall) in Central Park, completely wiped out, empty of mind, soul and spirit I could never have imagined that this race, this life altering, life giving event would trigger such a series of events that twenty six and a half years later it would see me standing in the Fargo Dome with a banner hanging from the rafters from this mighty impressive structure as a featured key note speaker with such giants of the industry such as Dave McGillivray, the Boston Marathon Race Director and Mike Reilly, in the IronMan Hall of Fame as the voice for multiple decades of the Hawaiian IronMan. If I didn't know this to all be true (and here is a picture to prove it) I may not have believed it myself....

I never set out to be a coach, in truth I was so focused on my own athletic journey and it frankly never entered my mind. If it even had, I think I would have doubted my validity to be a coach...after all, what were my qualifications, my credentials? time passed by though and coaching found me, I found out, I had all the validity and all the credentials that I needed and I my coaching resume to date speaks for itself....


I only make these observations to prove a point about you, not to reinforce or validate who I am or how I arrived here...that point being, that you can be anything you want to be if you know what you want, if you believe in yourself and if you embrace the journey, becoming 'all in' to achieve that for which you strive for and desire. See it, think it, embrace it, let it wash over you, plan for it and go for it.....and be patiently impatient and stay positive even in the face of negativity, criticism from those around you sometimes that you may face...Your true friends will be there for you and you will find out who they are..If you face challenges keep this in mind: 'every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit'

Power on with impatient patience my friends ~!

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