Practice makes permanent~perfect practice makes perfect !

Life in the Fast Lane

As an athlete and perhaps even more so as a coach I am drawn to other areas of life for inspiration, learning and education as well as to sporting accomplishments and abilities of others..I look to these other vocations, professions and artists as lessons and teaching tools for my sons as well as for my students...

In this accompanying video I marvel at the expansiveness, inventiveness, creativity, art, skill, confidence, calmness, assuredness, uniqueness, relaxation, dexterity and talent of the great Mark Knopfler, founding member of the legendary rock band 'Dire Straits' so comfortable in what he is doing.....undoubtedly a comfortability that has been borne from thousands upon hours of perfect practice, failure, willingness to fail in order to succeed, a willingness to try new things but to also stay true to his formula and what has worked for him, to tread that fine line between evolution and understanding of what brought him success in the first place but all the while, not settling but rather forging on, mindful and respectful of the past but open minded to the future~ pleased but never satisfied.....perhaps this is true of all genius and all the greats that have and continue to grace this beautiful planet we call Mother Earth !

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