Develop young students~do not use them ~

Life in the Fast Lane...

This is a message to young coaches out there just getting started and perhaps charged with the responsibility of coaching the young impressionable athlete...

My plea to you is to exercise patience, to be firm but fair but to explain, to teach, not just to tell in a dictatorial fashion...

First and foremost teach the young student how to run, use video analysis and example reinforcement, share video of world class runners with them and encourage them to train in in the 'image of an Olympian' and explain what that means, explain the difference between 'extreme and compulsive' ~ teach them about the importance of rest and its place in a training regimen....teach them to be present with their approach yet cast their minds forward so that they see that 'the now' is just part of a bigger picture, an ongoing developmental, wonderful building process and most important as alluded to earlier- teach them the art of proper running technique by age appropriate developmental drills designed to enhance the runner on a multitude of levels from coordination, proprioception, body control and awareness, range of motion,speed, strength and so much more....

A short but hopefully powerful reminder to the young up and coming coach today to teach and develop~ do NOT use !

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