'El Dragon'

'El Dragon'

'El Dragon'

To me, it is quite simple... it is a universe that requires balance and harmony....and yet too many people, more specifically, too many athletes,more specifically, too many runners are either naive, ignorant or arrogant to this fact...

As I have taught my sons Luke & Sam over the years, I am just the messenger from a higher source....you either respect the laws of nature, the balance of the universe voluntarily or she will force you to involuntarily and that never ever works out well for anyone...

You are welcome to e mail me at runtallruneasy@gmail.com if you would like to know more about the genesis of 'El Dragon'....I actually had someone ask me the other day if 'El Dragon' was a metaphor for UPS to which I politely replied, "Err, no"!

To me, it is quite simple....we follow the laws of Mother Nature, if we use sound physiological training methods in a sequential progressive manner she will give us the 'All clear' to proceed...fight her, work against her and suffer the consequences....don't believe me, all a bunch of hoo doo and nonsense?..oh really...take a deep look at your training and study your history of events and results that have occurred due to you 'messing with The Dragon'and ask yourself "Is it really nonsense"? Or did you just give yourself a tremendous dose of reality that you can learn from...remember...those who 'ignore history are infamously doomed to repeat it'.....

For more great information and articles that follow the laws and ways of 'El Dragon, follow my 'El Dragon' Magazine at the 'Flipboard' app for all things health & wellness, harmony and balance and learning and studying the ways of the peaceful warrior !

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