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We all love to perform 'inside the lines' but how many of us are really willing to plan out and execute the work that needs to be done 'outside the lines' to insure our running and racing success....

No need for a lengthy blog today but rather just a reminder, a nudge if you will, to be rational in your approach and thinking towards your training...think and ponder on the difference between a necessary planned day off or even an improvised day off due to developing circumstances and just blowing off a run or strength session....rational common sense thought must always trump irrational compulsive thought....extreme training in the 'image of an Olympian' is part of the journey for a successful endurance athlete using sequential progressive methodology. 'Outside the lines' includes but is not limited to sound and plentiful sleep, stress management, nutrition, strength work and on going 'rehabilitation' work (a strange phrase perhaps) such as massage, physical therapy, regular medical check ups (especially if a Masters runner), acupuncture, yoga, meditation and all things under the heading of mindfulness and health, wellness and balance..dear athletes, my longtime Mexican training partners in California would refer to 'El Dragon', a mythical mystical entity and representation of Mother Nature and the sound laws of physiology. I love this thought process and as such I actually used the name for one of my Magazines at Flipboard that coagulates all manner of great articles on all things health & wellness...in short, flow with 'El Dragon' and do not work against her, make voluntary adjustments to the laws of training or Mother Nature will do it for you involuntarily and that never works out well for the athletes.....spend time planning on and performing all tasks well 'outside the lines' and you will find yourself humming along like a well oiled machine when you ask of your body and mind to perform 'inside the lines' !

Walk in peace and let the good times roll !

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