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How many Boston Marathon legends can you name here? (and NO I am not including yours truly in that statement/question!)

As many of you know about me I started my running career a long long way away from the Boston Marathon, literally and figuratively.. Prior to my first Marathon completed in New York in 1990 in 4.41.43 Bob Glover in his excellent book 'The New Competitive Runner's Handbook' had brought me up to speed on the lore, tales and legends of the Boston Marathon and the fact that for us mere mortals that are not destined to compete in the Olympics, that this truly was the pinnacle of our running accomplishment, the 'Holy Grail' if you will....It was not even a romantic dream for me prior to New York and perhaps even less so after the race....I did not run a step for about ten months, all the way to the summer of 1991, by which time I had left Los Angeles and moved up to live a quieter more dedicated and disciplined life in Santa Cruz California,,Big Sur came next in 3.43 in 1992, then later in 1992, San Francisco in 3.28.....only after this race did I begin to believe that it might, just might be possible but even with that it still seemed a long way off (3.10 was the required finishing time at that time and at my age of 29 years of age)....I kept working at it, I did not have a coach at that time, I had never even met one, I simply had 'Coach Bob G's' book ~..1993 is when things really began to come together for me. I took a break from marathoning to focus on my speed and my general running skill set development and I really began to focus on making the Boston Marathon qualification time but I was prepared to be patiently impatient..In the Winter of 1993 I raced the Honolulu Marathon looking to improve from my 3.28 just over a year before but I genuinely was not trying to make the BQ time here....3.20 was my target which I thought would be a good bridge to the BQ time and not on an easy course or climate in Hawaii..when I ascended Diamond Head for the second and final time I saw that I was well ahead of my original goal and finished with a 3.12..for a few minutes after the race I second guessed whether I should have gone for the the end I was very content and satisfied.......then in the late Winter of 1993 (March '94) I made my first attempt at a BQ qualifier at the Napa Valley Marathon, all the while still without a coach.....I ran the first 20 miles out of control possessed and it came back to haunt me, I was on close to three hour pace through 20 miles and slowed and slowed but I hung on and when I rounded the final turn on the approach into the school and saw the clock ran 3.08 I was elated. The improbable from 1990 had become a reality by 1994....from 4.41 - 3.08.......I finally took my rightful place at the starting line in 1996 at the Boston Marathon '100th' Anniversary....what a special moment for me and for all those that earn their spot the old fashioned way....they qualify !

Sure,I went on to make the qualifying time many many times over and eventually ran two more Boston Marathons, it was always great but the qualifying process meant so much more when there was no margin for error and there was triumph over doubt.....I will never ever forget that 1994 Napa Valley Marathon when perhaps I achieved my running 'Holy Grail' !....


I hope you enjoy the pictures of some of the Boston Marathon legends that I have been blessed to share the stage, podium and expo booths with over the past fifteen years or so as my coaching, speaking and Author career has developed...I am honored and humbled to be in their presence and marvel at what they have each accomplished....

Over the next three weeks I will share speaking duties in Champaign, Illinois and Fargo, North Dakota with Dick Beardsley and Dave McGillivray...the beat goes on !

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