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Snakes & Ladders

A short little blog today, the daily musings of a professional running coach~ simply to say to my reading audience that for more than two decades now I have thought this simple yet fun little board game to be a great metaphor for the life of a runner, especially the life of a competitive runner...~ We start each season (each training Macrocycle) at the bottom of the board and with intelligent sequential training methods we steadily move through each cycle (across the board) increasing our fitness (moving up the rows on the board) and then we may have a workout or race or two that elevate our physicality and our confidence and as such we 'land on the ladder' and climb up it.. but eventually, inevitably we 'land on the snake' the board game, the length of the snake is predetermined but in the real life of training~ this is where preparation and adherence to elements 'outside the lines' can shorten the snake and our 'sliding down the board of fitness'....having a sound team around you, good team mates with rational thought and advice, a good sports medical professional, a massage therapist, physical therapist, acupuncturist and of course a good coach,all of whom can guide you impartially to the best course of action to take at any given moment in time to keep that 'snake' a temporary blip on the radar....keep this in mind and you will be back ' in the game' and moving to that final square in your season at the top left hand side of the board,achieving your key goal for that season.....remember, train extreme not compulsive in the image of an Olympian ! Enjoy your running and enjoy the ladders but be prepared and ready for the snake when it comes and you will be all the more ready to take effective action and get back in the game !

Walk in peace and let the good times roll !

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