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Today's daily musing is more autobiographical than usual and definitely shorter~

It is really borne from a gradual almost accidental change in my running which is ironic as my training has never been accidental, it has always been so planned and I think that is what makes this so enjoyable and interesting for me. My competitive running career started in reality in 1990 but really developed and grew in intensity from 1992 through to 2016 when I hung up my racing boots at the 5th Avenue Mile last September...Speed work has always been my staple, my main key ingredient for more than two decades and that was true right up until my race in NY last Summer.

What I have come to find out since is just how much I enjoy running~that may sound excessively simplistic and blatantly obvious since I am a professional running coach and those that know me associate me with the sport of running in one capacity or another....

But it is not that simple....far from it.....yes, ok, on some levels it is but in truth, it runs and burns much deeper than that.....since retiring I have learned much about myself as a runner and as a person...

There are countless examples of athletes retiring either voluntarily or involuntarily from competition and losing their 'mojo' for their particular craft and is easy to understand this, there is no mystery here~ the competition is removed and with it their 'raison d'etre' disappears too, their motivation vanishes...they perhaps loved the competition, their battle with their ego and once the competition no longer exists, they lose that mojo to keep doing what they were doing...

I have learned the complete opposite has happened for me...I loved my racing career, the successes and the failures, the hard days of brutal workouts but as those have faded into the sunset they have been replaced by a renewed passion for the simplicity of the physical and cerebral elements to running, the poetry of the movement and the being at peace in the moment~ I look forward to heading out each day for consistent runs of between eight to twelve miles with no particular designs on pace but just running on feel and to an effort that I feel like running and here in the Spring of 2017 and late in my 54th year it yields a 8.00-7.00 minute type pace and no argument or complaints time it will slow some more, it is inevitable but that is ok with me, I am in no rush, for quarter of a Century + I raced to be done as quickly as possible but today, I am enjoying 'the ride' more than ever and so if it takes me one or two minutes longer and I get to enjoy the being in the moment and the peace, harmony and tranquility for a few moments longer, then that is just fine with me !

Thanks for listening,

Walk in peace and let the good times roll !

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