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Those that know me well know that I am passionate about the concept of perfecting one's running mechanics~for you...not for someone else or to copy someone else but there are certain fundamentals that we should aspire to both attempting perfect practice 'outside the lines' as well as 'inside the lines'...for my purposes of explanation outside the lines in running is equivalent to a golf participant seeking perfect practice on the driving range and thus inside the lines being on the golf course. Golfers accept this practice as the norm of improving one's game and technique and yet too many runners just run (they simply want to be on the course with no mind to improving one's game)

Take the time to observe world class runners that demonstrate excellent running form, not all the same for sure but with the aforementioned fundamentals that we would do well to aspire towards and study...note the dynamic elasticity in the hips and subsequent translational motion focusing on the horizontal movement/plane of the pelvis to ensure perpetuated my advice this Friday is study the embedded video and attached link and become a student of what is visual and what can be heard in the discussion and commentary !

Run Tall, Run Easy,

Happy running and happy Friday ~

World class USA Middle Distance Runner Maggie Vessey in training in California with Coach Greg Brock.

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