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Consistent training - ‘Kismet’ & The Red Bulls ! Thursday I left off on in my blog on Thursday where I only had time to squeeze in 200 push ups for training on the day….it was a planned day off from running. Friday I strength trained at home with 200 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 reverse crunches, 80 double leg V ups, extended new core routine, scissor abs, rows, triceps and biceps work with various weighted KB then stretch and out the door for a ten mile run in very pleasant running weather from home, to the 'Senior' 10k course for a mile and a quarter before heading off downtown and eventually to the Beach, over to Stockton Lake after circumnavigating the Little League fields and eventually to Highway 71 and home for a solid ten mile run….around 7.30 avg pace Saturday Saturday was for the most part an off day from running save for some light running around at the track coaching in the morning and a singular 300 with a high school student at 5.20 pace to assist them through their final interval….It also included 200 push ups on the day. Sunday Sunday was a terrific 12 mile run, 11 miles + was with some of my group….the run was run for the first 6 miles over the 10k course and then eventually I, along with one student headed down to the boardwalk and over to Stockton Lake….the run started in the 7.45 type range and built from there into the mid 7’s and eventually to the mid 6’s and finally down towards 5.45 pace for the last 600 meters or so for a great run… 200 push ups on the day and a good stretch ! Monday Monday I completed 150 push ups, 20 pull ups, 70 dips, scissor & hanging abs at UPS, 50 push ups later at home and starting at 7pm whilst Sam was at soccer practice I completed a ten mile run at 7.15avg pace around the soccer complex. Overall the run felt better and better as it went on.. Family weekend ~’Kismet’ & Sam at the NY Red Bulls Thursday I headed up to Redbank to meet Dr. SantaMaria and Caitlin to discuss a one day running seminar which was a very productive lunch meeting and then home by which time my Sister had arrived from Toronto. Nicole came down especially to see Luke in his performances of ‘Kismet’, the Spring Musical at the Redbank Regional Performing Arts Academy. Nicole, Sam and I had dinner at Senor Peppers in Redbank. Kathleen and Luke were already long since at the Theater… ‘Kismet’

I could easily go on and on and on about Luke and his performances in the lead role in role of ‘Hajj~The Poet’ - honestly I do not know where to begin except to say his performances on Thursday,Friday, Saturday blew me away and left me speechless….his command and stage presence incredible, his talent and confidence immeasurable and his confidence but humbleness to be admired….I am immensely proud of him. Interestingly enough after the Friday performance we had a long mature conversation together about performance and pressure and it was that type of conversation where as a father (and coach) you think to yourself, you are ready for this conversation son, it is time !...and we spoke at length about my experiences as athlete and coach of dealing with performance and pressure and I know Luke appreciated the conversation and learned a little more about me and who I am and I think he thought ‘my Dad is quite cool’ but more importantly I believed it did and will continue to help him…. The reaction from all that attended the shows to him and of course to the other cast members was truly something to behold ! I will never ever forget this weekend….Bravo Luke ! Run Tall, Run Easy

It was a joy to be with and spend time with my Sister Nicole and on Saturday we did a photo shoot with me and my athletes at the track for the runtallruneasy website. NY Red Bulls and the Hurricane and the Season opener ! On Saturday at the invitation of the NY Red Bulls Sam participated in a 3 versus 3 exhibition soccer game, definitely entertaining the crowd and NY Red Bulls fans and of course I loved watching the lad and just as with Luke, I was totally proud of him….we had a blast watching the Red Bulls match together, again at the invitation of the Club and then I treated Sam to a ‘Five Guys’ cheeseburger and fries which he loved …. On Sunday I was sad to miss Luke's final performance of 'Kismet' but buoyed by the fact I got to watch Sam. We traveled down to Berkley for the Cedar Stars Academy EDP League season opener and this game had special meaning as it was against Sam’s first coach from his original Ajax U8 team, now coaching the Junior Boca’s….Sam and his team dominated the game on a cold, foggy, raw Scottish type weather afternoon and the game was not as close ever as the 2-0 scoreline might suggest ! The weekend ! Truly a weekend that I was blessed to experience as a Father, Brother and of course as a husband,a weekend which I will always remember with cherished memories and oh by the way, some real solid training in there as well ! (See attached picture) Love and miss you Mum & Dad. Walk in peace and let the good times roll !

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