Keep calm & see the big picture !

Life in the Fast Lane

'Life in the Fast Lane' blog reader I think you will enjoy the video embedded below~it is from a television show 'Kung Fu' that I used to watch as a young boy and it contains a great lesson in patience, peacefulness and seeing the big picture....

As a developing athlete specifically through the decade of the 90's as I was in my ascension as a competitive runner, one of my strengths was to be 'impatiently patient' in my short, mid and long term approach..

Of course I wanted to improve, of course I wanted to get faster and of course I wanted it as soon as possible but the soon as possible was to some extent timeless, and it certainly did not have to be today. I did however want to contribute to its arrival today !

My philosophy was a linear one and very much along the lines of the philosophy of the great Wilson Kipketer, former 800 meter world record holder and that was simply this.. ' I train to be faster today than I was yesterday and faster tomorrow than I am today'.

I pride myself on being a 'big picture' person, not to the exclusion of a short, mid term plan but not stuck in a place where I cannot see the woods for the trees. I was able to remain relatively detached so that I could make sound rational decisions on a long term basis allowing me to work towards an end goal of becoming the very fastest runner that was attainable and in so doing, taking the DNA I was born with and combining that DNA with a sound physiological sequential training program that would lead to long terms success which ultimately afforded me to the opportunity to take my athletic journey as far as was physically and psychologically possible.

I can now look back with complete harmony, peace and tranquility with the results, satisfied that I achieved the mission as a competitive runner and in so doing I always remembered to 'keep calm and see the big picture !

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