Got push ups?

Life in the Fast Lane

"I don't have time to strength train" is a complaint that I hear a great deal from my athletes and students ! My answer is always the same "If you want to succeed to the best of your ability as a runner, you cannot afford not to strength train"...but it does not have to take all day, nor should it.....but with few exceptions (and this includes busy Corporate exec types that spend hours on a plane each week) there are few people that cannot find a little time to increase their strength and there is one exercise that is in my opinion a ' first ballot hall of famer' 'Mount Rushmore' strength exercise we can all do in one form or another....The Push up !

It is about building up the volume or sets over time but as is explained in the video below, not at the expense of quality.As a longtime former competitive runner now in his 50's I am no more immune to losing muscle mass and strength than anyone else and so to at least try and retard this process, I have built up to a minimum of 200 push ups per day and more commonly 300 per day....I find this exercise flexible (I can do it anywhere, even on my ten minute break each week day at UPS in the wee hours of the night) or in my speaking capacity, in my hotel room when I travel to speak at races around the country.....the video below explains well the process and key areas that are working in this tremendous exercise...for me as a runner and coach I like the push up for our sport because it engages the upper body (The Bow) as I make reference to in my book #runtallruneasy, it is a functional body weight exercise that forces us to deal with our space, time and body weight which is a perfect replication of running itself....

So next time you are short on time, are not sure what strength exercise to do, drop baby drop and give yourself 10 ! (or as many as you can safely and comfortably do without reaching failure !

Walk in peace and let the good times roll !

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