You have to 'Get on the Bus'...continued.......'The rest of the story'

Life in the Fast Lane

It is in the breath, it's where it is at !

From my 'Life in the Fast Lane' blog from Monday, March 13th 2017

I declared my intent from that day forth to make Belayneh my friend and foe....he was at 2.06.50 and I was at 3.28, so how much could he improve and by how much could I close him down?...I knew wherever he was, in the hills or plains of East Africa, the mountains of South America, the European Forests or the great tracks and trails of the USA, I would track and pursue him relentlessly with the smarts and wits and drive of a Native American scout and from that day forth a new and deliberate plan was in place.....most of all I thought to to myself, that for me to enjoy and maximize my journey and the ride ahead, I had to 'get on the bus' !

The Discovery ~!

So out the door I went into a cool damp (not cold) Bay area Winter's evening....leaving my home apartment overlooking downtown Santa Cruz and within a mile of the famed Santa Cruz Boardwalk and just over a mile from the even more famous West Coast Mecca of surfing 'Steamer's Lane'. The latter, a place where serious surfers and recreational and serious runners co mingled quite peacefully....adjacent to Steamer's Lane runs the West Cliff bike path offering spectacular views of the Monterey Bay where on a clear day you can see anything from whales, to sea lions to otters and of course across the bay to Monterey itself. This incredible Marine Wildlife sanctuary has by default incredible microclimate elements which effect all aspects of life in the geographic area both in the ocean and on land.....

Specifically for me on this evening run, it made for cool,damp very oxygen dense air which allowed me to swiftly forget about my foggy mind from a day's work under me to focusing strictly on the foggy bike path ahead of me once I had reached it.. my run as directed by 'Coach Glover' called for a moderate effort six mile run. As the run progressed it became one of those runs we all love where everything felt relaxed and fluid and everything came easy...of course it helped that I was still in my 20's !

Then it you can see from the fab picture at the top of this blog, there are, under certain conditions, visible breath vapors. This would prove incredibly significant on this run as somewhere in the middle of the run I began to be aware of a rhythmic pattern to the vapors on each breath expiration (call me slow on the uptake but this was still very new to me this sport of running), and as the run progressed I also became aware that there would be a consistent singular outbreath on every second left foot strike followed by a longer singular in breath over the next three steps (right,left,right)....this was fascinating to me, it was what I would in years to come refer to as the 'conductor' to the symphony, a metronomic 3-1 breathing cadence but in addendum I also noticed that at the point of the outbreath and simultaneous footstrike, that my left wrist was on the upswing (forward) and was nestled adjacent to my left hip directly over my left ankle at the point of contact ( I would come to refer to these three elements as' The Triangle' in Run Tall, Run Easy a decade later) whilst the opposing wrist (right) worked in conjunction with the left ankle structure whipping it down underneath me and making for a very efficient wrist and ankle action, instantaneously loading and firing my gluteal muscles leading to effective perpetuated motion and subsequent optimal distance in flight which in turn enormously contributed to this effortless fluid motion on this moderate six mile run.....

So there you have it....this was the night that I would unknowingly and unwittingly self discover 'breathing cadence~ a factor that changed my running from that day to the present time and a skill that I have since been able to teach to literally thousands of running students be they private clients, camp or seminar attendees..

Get on the Bus !

I am not trying to imply or suggest that without this run I would never have self discovered this magical aspect to running or be taught it by a coach, I am sure I would,rather I am simply saying that staying cosy on the couch may just cause us to 'smell that beautiful flower, or to see that wonderful sunrise or sunset, or to experience our own most fluid, poetry in motion run ever; we never know when or where this may occur,perhaps it won't,perhaps the run will be a slog as we may anticipate on such a night when our motivation is low, but do we want to take the chance? Noone wants to miss the party, or in this case, the Bus ! so next time your mind is foggy but the body is willing, look down at those running shoes eager to bust a move and 'hop on the bus Gus !

Walk in peace and let the good times roll !

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