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Exceptional Core strength is where it is at !

In my experience as an athlete and professional coach, the area that I refer to as the 'secret weapon' is Core Strength. No doubt a buzz phrase these days and on the cover of health and fitness magazines tempting you to try some product or workout on the promise of the perfect abs...

Yet, this is so misguided...true core strength is stealth, invisible, it is quietly for function and ultimately performance, not for show !

I consider myself extremely fortunate in my career to have learned from the best in this area~ Dr. Don Chu Ph.D.- at the very forefront of Core strength development along with plyometric specialization. Dr. Chu was involved in the very early stages with legendary USA Track & Field Superstar, Jackie Joyner-Kersee.

He taught me that true core strength finds its merit and power in the intrinsic development of one's power range, from mid thigh to mid torso and to look no further than the research, development and history of 'Field athletes'. It is the development of many smaller muscles within the body to assist and harmonize with larger locomotive muscles. By stealth, an example is how many people are interested in developing the rectus abdominis, and for good reason for sure as they play a key role in flexing the spine and torso in the abdominal region but let's be honest, we all do it for the 'six pack' effect and because they are the 'pretty muscles' I.e Therefore not stealth ~! When was the last time someone came up to you and said your spinal erectors look great? Yet they are incredibly important stealth muscles that are made from three long thin muscle groups that run vertically up the side of each vertebral column: iliocostalis,longissimus and spinalis. (Read stealth) They help with posture and side to side rotation. My point being it is essential to develop the entire 'power range' region and Dr. Don taught me that this is created by D.R.O.M (dynamic range of motion exercises) with either body weight alone or with supplementary assistance such as medicine balls...

The essence of developing core strength is via the protocol of hip-shoulder separation such as Russian Twists, Full Moons, Eagles, Reverse Eagles, Crescent Moons to name a few exercises that challenge your D.R.O.M but also inherently require the shoulders and hips to separate at approximately ninety degrees from one another (I.e. Shoulders East to West and Hips North to South)

So if you want to truly maximize your inner strength & potential then get down to some serious intrinsic Core strength work. Unleash your 'secret weapon'

For more information on my Core Strength program e mail me at and I will be happy discuss this type of training with you.

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