Nite 'Lite' Bites

Life in the Fast Lane

Nite lite bites……….

Trying to lose those couple of tricky pounds to get ready for race season or your key race….

What has always worked for me is to go ‘lite at nite’ I believe that the timing of the food is as important as the food itself. For me it is about getting in enough calories but maneuvering them around to work for my metabolism allowing my body to willingly and safely shed those two to three pounds that make the difference between training weight and race weight. For me the breakfast like a King, lunch like a Pauper and dinner like a Prince works very well. That does not mean that the pauper has to be the victim of poor nutrition. Far from it; it should be a small portioned well balanced meal with plenty of protein and unsaturated fat content so that the thyroid regulatory system sends the appropriate signals that the body is satiated and you will not get hungry later on. This evening meal should be between 6pm and 6.30pm and no later. During the evening drink some organic green or white peach tea which is full of antioxidants and whose water content will also add to the feeling of remaining satiated. Do this for two weeks and eat nothing after that meal that concludes by 6.30pm except some moderate intake of the wonderful assortment of suggestions pictured here in today's Life in the Fast Lane Blog and you will have success. Be sure to eat protein after your workout more so than carbohydrates. The protein stabilizes your blood sugar. Nutrition is controlled by your brain which runs on Glucose. The brain reacts to sugar by creating insulin to assist it from the bloodstream. This stores sugar in the muscles as glycogen. If the stores are full it will then be metabolized and stored as fat. Glucagon is a fat burner and delivers sugar back into the bloodstream if blood sugars are too low. When insulin is present (such as the chain reaction from ingesting too many simple carbohydrates post workout) glucagon cannot be released. Therefore when blood sugars are too high the fat burning is switched off. This is why a sensible element of protein and unsaturated fats make a great deal of sense post workout. Reach for the peanuts, cashews and/or almonds instead of the chips or cookies ! Above all, maintain the appropriate level of calories per day commensurate with your activities and remember eat healthy, eat plenty and train hard ! If you do these things and remember my advice about the ‘Night Lite Bites’ you will achieve the desired performance that you want and the body type to deliver that performance and oh yes, you will shed those last few nagging lbs !~

Dare to Fail !

Walk in peace and let the good times roll ~

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