From the Catskills to the Cotswolds

Life in the Fast Lane

From the Catskills to the Cotswolds, from the Sudan to Siberia, from Scotland to Singapore, people around the world lace up their running shoes and head out the door. Running is the anytime, anyplace no nonsense, no need for excessive equipment sport that is one for all and all for one ~~

In this techno age environment that we now live (and for the most part appreciate the comforts and luxuries that this technology affords us) it is still gratifying to know that in running, a pair of shorts, t shirt, socks and shoes and we are on our way..... roads, tracks, trails or a combination thereof and we are good to go.....

Now many of you know that I love to surf and there was once a time that I would have said that no other element would have provided me the spiritual satisfaction that running provides (well nothing with my clothes on) but now I have to qualify that statement as surfing and connecting as one with the force of nature that waves and swells provide also has its own unique sense of spirituality. However running is also unique to me in its primal sense of movement- the need for human locomotion with no other equipment or element to move us except the force of our own strength generated against Mother Earth. On that cool misty night where the air is rich and the oxygen thick and absorbable, where attention and awareness to our own rhythm and beat of the night excites us to the point where we give yourself goosebumps as we see that finish line approaching in that imagined state of mind, a fantasy of reality; perhaps a previous experience. I have finished the 2.34 marathon of Napa 1998 in my head hundreds of times in my mind, perhaps my most satisfying race, I have relived the moment over and over again like rewinding a movie and it never fails to live up to the joy that it gave me at the time it was happening- or perhaps a run in the cool dawn as the sunrises over the ocean or the mountains with the only sound the sound of your own heartbeat and the closest visible thing to you is the vapor of your own breath....simply magical...... no equipment required -in fact outside of the optional IPOD there is entirely too much equipment used by people these days- people beeping and squeaking all along the road with this latest gadget or that latest gadget.... that is just my opinion but I cannot be a hypocrite because the law of running says that you can do as you please- it is your world to explore and your life to lead, so beep and squeak away with a GPS or Distance pod or fifteen water bottles splish splashing there way down the road snuggly tied to your back. We are told what to do too much in this life, by this product to help you sleep, this product to help you gain weight, this product to help you lose weight, this one to improve your sex life or whatever other nonsensical gizmo they are trying to shove down your throat- I say go run a hard 5 miles and have the libido of your own Casanova baby, pull back into your house after a good track workout like freakin' James Bond ~! products be damned- who needs 'em?Not me. I am the simple elitist purest runner, whose only concession to technology has been to the occasional almighty Ipod, a gizmo that would make my old coach Brock cringe at the very thought of it..... Hey, I said pure, not perfect ! it is still the simple element to me to match up the sweet melodic sound of your fave song to the sunrise, sunset or midday sun experienced by only the hardy, foolish or Mad Dogs and Englishmen ! I like the Penguin but to heck with that approach, run easy when it is time to run easy and run hard as a Greyhound when it is time to grip it and rip it ! Race to the Rocking Chair and run free as the night- its the only way to rock and roll..... its your choice- a lifestyle that you and I can identify with each other- it is what I am - who I need to be and what I crave to always remain, a free spirited elitist for the sound of my own feet making the drumbeat on the earth with the strength and force of the Bagpipers of the 'Black Watch' paving their way through the night to higher ground. Running my friends and athletes is time immortal - no health club fad, here today and gone tomorrow- it is a sport I inherited and a sport that I hold dear to my heart and one that I will pass on to my children and my children's children.

......So through rain and wind and shine, lace 'em up and get out that door and run free and run pure !

Coach GP......................Dare to Fail !

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