'What are your Running Faves'?

Life in the Fast Lane

Here are some of my favorite running movies- documentaries and books !~

I wonder what some of yours might be?

So here we go in no particular order !

Movies and Documentaries

Fire on the track The Steve Prefontaine Story Without Limits The Steve Prefontaine Story Prefontaine The Steve Prefontaine Story Born to Run The Seb Coe Story Endurance The Haile Gebrselassie Story Forrest Gump Marathon man Chariots of Fire The Jericho Mile Gallipoli The Distance of Truth The story of Badwater The Long Green Line. About Coach Joe Newton and the York High School cross country team. (This movie is Pure Gold) Run For Your Life. A feature film about New York City Marathon founder Fred Lebow. Spirit of the Marathon. The theatrical hit of the year featuring six runners in the Chicago Marathon. Running Brave The Billy Mills Story Race for Kenya A documentary A Race for the Soul Western State documentary Hawaiian IronMan 25th anniversary edition documentary 5,000 meters USA elite running documentary The Four Minute Mile The Roger Bannister story.

McFarland USA


Born to Run Christopher McDougall

The Lore of Running Tim Noakes Once a Runner John L. Parker (and its sequel, Again to Carthage) Running Within Jerry Lynch Running with the Buffaloes Chris Lear The Perfect Mile Neal Bascomb Duel in the Sun John Brant Sub Four The Alan Webb Story Chris Lear Ovett Steve Ovett’s autobiography The Sub Four Minute Mile Sir Roger Bannister Making the marathon your event Rich Benyo The Complete book of running Jim Fix Run Tall Run Easy The Ultimate Guide to better running mechanics “GP’ Pearlberg Train Hard Win Easy Toby Tanzer Ultramarathon man Dean Karnazes Return to Running, World Publications Rich Benyo The Masters of the Marathon Atheneum, Rich Benyo The Death Valley 300: Near Death and Resurrection on the World’s Toughest Endurance Course. Rich Benyo Making the Marathon your Event, Rich Benyo Running Encyclopedia Benyo and Henderson Staying The Course, A runner’s toughest race Dick Beardsley The Gerry Lindgren Story Henderson and Dunne Running Tough Michael Sandrock My Life on The Run Bart Yasso Running with the legends Michael Sandrock Jim Thorpe Never Slept here Rich Benyo Marathon & Beyond Publication. Running Times Runner’s World Going the Distance: One Man’s Journey to the End of His Life Sheehan Running & Being: The Total Experience Sheehan George Sheehan on Running to Win: How to Achieve the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Victories of Running Sheehan This Running Life Sheehan Chasing the Hawk: Looking for My Father, Finding Myself Andrew Sheehan Did I Win?: A Farewell to George Sheehan Joe Henderson Ellison “Tarzan” Brown Michael Ward Running and Walking for Women Over 40..the Road to Sanity and Vanity Katherine Switzer The Silence of Great Distance: Women Running Long A stirring account of the development of women’s distance running by Frank Murphy The Complete Book Of Running For Women Claire Kowalchik Pre Tom Jordan Men Of Oregon The Bowerman story; Kenny Moore Best Efforts: World Class Runners and Races Kenny Moore God on the starting line. Marc Bloom. The Athletic-Minded Traveler Where to Work Out and Stay When Fitness is a Priority Huddle and Kaese Coaching Mental Excellence Ralph Vernaccia Athletic Development Book: The Art and Science of Functional Sports Conditioning Vern Gambetta Running Formula Jack Daniels Running for Mortals John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield Masters Running: A Guide to Running and Staying Fit After 40 Hal Higdon

I know I missed a whole bunch but feel free to let our readers know who your favorite movies, documentaries, magazines, books and running publications are !

Walk in peace and let the good times roll !


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