Run Tall, Run Easy Method

Run Tall, Run Easy, “ The Method ”

It is my intention to spread the word globally of what I believe to be the preferred most efficient method of running.

My number one priority is to create in the runner the reason and logic to pause and give thought to how he/she is moving across the ground in the most efficient, powerful yet economic fashion possible. In short, to pay attention to their Running Biomechanics… Run Tall, Run Easy was born out of my insatiable desire during the 90’s to understand the fundamentals of my body’s movement during the course of my daily training and systematic racing. A blue collar athlete with no college degree, without a background in physiology, I transformed myself from a 4.41 marathoner to a 2.34 marathoner in eight years between 1990 and 1998, between the ages of twenty seven and thirty five. During the same time period I went from a ten minute mile to a 4.21 mile. I did this both as athlete and coach with intuitive understanding of what it takes to be a successful athlete, but also with a unique eye for movement and with an instinctual feel for understanding the optimal efficiency of each athlete’s individual movement . I sees things differently, explain them differently in a language that all can understand. With the encouragement and support from my athletes I ultimately wrote the book that during those learning years I couldn’t find. This goes directly to why the book has ultimately been so well received. There are thousands out there in far off places, small villages, secluded towns, farmlands around the world without access to a coach or track club who are experiencing the same void of simple explanations to the keys to successful running mechanics. Run Tall, Run Easy became the book that I searched for for all those years. After it was initially written, I was unsure of how the book would be received; after all the subject matter was quite dry. However it was not long before I realized that a ‘seam’ was out there for athletes in the same position I has been in. There was a vein of athletes thirsty for knowledge of how to become the most efficient runner possible…

Run Tall, Run Easy is the culmination of all mistakes made and corrected and all things done right during this remarkable transformation of one runner !~ Run Tall, Run Easy has now reached thousands of runners worldwide.

What is Run Tall, Run Easy and what is its Method of running ?

Run, Tall, Run Easy was developed on the trails, roads, fire roads, tracks, hills and mountains overlooking the Monterey Bay in California with the help and great appreciation of my coach Greg and team mates, Mike J,Mike L , Danny, Jimmy, Al, Jose, Barb, Glenn, Javier and Tim. The Method is now executed by the Run Tall, Run Easy runners worldwide and taught by Coach GP all across the USA.

The Method is no singular thing but rather is an understanding of simple logical human movement resulting in relaxed running at speed. It is the coordinating through physical cues of the cardio pulmonary and musculoskeletal systems. It is the teaching and understanding that all that we do to generate efficiency culminates in the most precise efficient foot strike possible. That is law # 1. The Method of Run Tall, Run Easy is all that we do from the ankles up that lead us to striking the foot on the ground in optimal manner leading to a relaxed rhythmic stride and leg cycle…..

It is not so much the information that defines the Run Tall, Run Easy Method of running although there are some unique elements but more so the delivery and terminologies that are used to enable the athlete (or the athlete that you are coaching) to execute the movement….

As I now teach other coaches they now receive an opportunity to receive unique insight into the knowledge behind Run Tall, Run Easy. It affords the coach the opportunity to study and to learn the method so that they can teach and overcome obstacles with their own runners and teams. The Method works from novice to elite athlete and from novice to advanced coach. Incorporating practical, visual and hands on techniques "RTRE" will teach you the know how of what to look for when evaluating the biomechanics of an individual runner, what to change and what to leave alone. It will teach you preferred methods of range of motion techniques and functional strength training to insure optimal running mechanics.

The power and success of Run Tall, Run Easy is in the style and delivery of language used so that the runner can understand adapt and can have complete confidence in that what you are telling them. They know immediately that the Method will make a difference for the positive in their running. It is down to earth, instinctual, blue collar and tried and tested….

If I were in a fox hole in a war with enemy fire raining down on me. To my one side was an officer recently graduated form the Academy with all the classroom knowledge one can muster and to the other a Native American scout with zero classroom or laboratory experience but the veteran survivor of multiple wars and missions with the instincts of a cat to get you the heck out of the fox hole and to safety- I know which one I am following and it ain’t the Academy Officer !

Run Tall, Run Easy, is metaphorically the ‘Native American Scout’, tried and tested on the battlegrounds of California and practiced worldwide- it is the simple, logical easy to follow Method to both use and to coach !

Walk in peace and let the good times roll and of course....Run Tall, Run Easy !

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