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We are connected by a common bond of being competitive athletes. We share in the pain and the elation of “Daring to Fail”. “Declare your intent” to yourself and to those who take interest in what you are doing. If you pin a race number on, then do not make any preemptive excuses about this tweak or that tweak, this sprained ankle or that dodgy hamstring.......if they are issues, do not pin the number on! If you make the excuses when asked by a peer about your plans for your race you have already given yourself the “ big out” before the race even starts. Just quietly tell them what your goal is and thank them for their interest......then move on, remember 80% of the runners that ask you do not care that you are injured and the other 20% are glad you are injured, so don’t tell them any details, just..Declare your intent !!!! You will have much better success if you do. Visualize your desired finishing time, believe it and it will happen, make excuses before the race about this and that, and it most likely will not, because when the going gets tough, you get out.......when you declare your intent, when the going gets tough, you get down to business at driving toward your goal!.

When you commit, commit 100% and don't look back. Remember this and at some point it will serve you well........... Run like the wind and never forget, " Declare your intent and Dare to fail ! " Good luck to you all, we are united around this country each and every day in our search for the perfect race !

Best wishes, Coach GP.

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