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This past Saturday I went to see the movie Patriot's Day with my son Luke..It is awkward to say a movie is good when it relates to such historical tragedy but it is certainly well done and very sensitive to the very sensitive subject matter. Of course it is hard to know how factual elements to the movie are but we are as runners in particular very aware of many of the details that emerged at that fateful time back in April 2013. For me personally as far as the movie is concerned I was fascinated about the Law Enforcement's role in the succeeding hours and days..this I know sounds clumsy but my memory had become cloudy as to the magnitude of the Law Enforcement presence and efforts in those critical hours. Before I get too hard on myself I have to remember that I was a little detached due to the distance as I was in my hometown of Brighton England at the time. I was back home to race the Brighton marathon

essentially 24 hours prior to the Boston Marathon.

Initially I did not even know what had happened;I was having cell phone issues whilst in England and it was only when I returned to my lifelong friend Bertie Wilkins (seen pictured with me below eating ice cream just hours alter the Brighton Marathon on April 14th 2013 the day before that fateful Patriot's Day on Hove Beach) apartment that I could finally connect to WiFi. It was then that I found out about the tragedy in Boston....

The movie this past weekend, just like the day of the marathon infused me with anger on so many levels not least of which is because it is very conceivable that if I had not run the marathon in England I could easily have been in Boston that day running and even more scary to me is that would have meant my family would have been at or around the finish line. My youngest son Sam was eight years old at the time, the exact same age as the poor little boy Martin Richard who lost his life so needlessly, so tragically way before his time at the hands of those two cowardly is too painful to absorb, to wrap my head around and my heart bleeds for the Richard family.

The innocence of our sport changed forever that day. My first Boston experience was competing in the 100th Anniversary in 1996 and then again in 2003 and 2010..In between those years I have attended the race numerous times in coaching capacity (in 2008 I snapped the photo below of one of the elite women when standing at the 'mile to go' mark close to Fenway Park )..I am also pictured below moments after finishing the race in 2010 very close to the finish line on Boylston street where three years later the explosions occurred. The explosions in 2013 happened within close proximity to one of my happiest memories as a runner~the day I finished my first Boston after several years of hard training to become fast enough to qualify ~ I was there with many of my friends and teammates from the Santa Cruz Track Club and we can be seen below celebrating and living life enjoying a few post race beverages in the Back Bay Brewery on Boylston street just a matter of meters from the marathon finishing line...

In seeing the movie and being reminded of the innocence stripped away and lives shattered at the hands of these cowardly bastards the juxtaposition to me of all that is wonderful about life and specifically our sport and the people of our sport with the evil perpetrators of such horror, the juxtaposition of the terror of what took place on April 15th 2013 with the happiness I experienced earlier that very same day when reunited over breakfast on a beautiful sunny day with Bertie and another lifelong friend Charlie Draycott in my hometown (pictured below)...It reinforces to me that life is so precious but that we must remain vigilant, we must remain strong and we must never give in to these terrorists; in short we must remain #bostonstrong..

Walk in peace and let the good times roll..

Today's blog is dedicated to the four innocent people that lost their lives in this tragedy along with those injured, maimed, their families and to all the heroic bystanders, first responders, law enforcement, firefighters and to all the runners united around the world !

Moments after finishing the 2010 Boston Marathon

2008 Boston Marathon Elite Woman `Mile to go close to Fenway Park - A coaching trip to the marathon this year.

On Hove Beach April 14th 2013 with my lifelong friend Bertie Wilkins, just hours after racing the Brighton marathon~ enjoying good times eating ice cream not knowing that just hours later back in my adopted home of the USA the running world would never be the same....

In England April 14th 2013, hours after the Brighton Marathon and less than 24 hours before the 2013 Boston Marathon tragedy.

Breakfast April 15th 2013 with Bertie far left and Charlie middle, hours before the Boston Marathon tragedy.

A more innocent time, with my friends and team mates from the Santa Cruz Track Club (sadly Kim, front right and Dick, back right, are no longer with us) in the Back Bay Brewery just yards from the explosion site on Boylston street seventeen years later after our race in 1996 at the Boston Marathon 100th Anniversary...

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