"What's Your  Rocky Moment?"..

Life in the Fast Lane

Race Emcee

    I am blessed to wear many 'hats' under the umbrella of this great sport of ours that we call 'Running'...

      Some of the hats deal with complex and more serious coaching issues including but not limited to training & racing but one of the fun aspects to runnng that I am involved in is my work as Race Emcee at some great races across the USA. Over the years this has ranged from awesome track meets such as at Monmouth University to Marathons from Michigan to Louisiana and from Florida to North Dakota.....I am ever inspired by runners driving to the finish line on sheer will power once all other reserves have been exhausted...

   As humans we are a responsive species, responsive to many stumuli, from sight, smell, touch, taste and of course sound....the latter is fascinating in the context of finishing a race....

    Certain sounds at specific times in special circumstances can create a physiological state of arousal~ arguably one of the most famous examples would be the theme from 'Rocky'...if we are all honest as runners haven't we all been on a solo run somewhere and either literally or figuratively have had this famed theme playing in our ears as we drive to an imaginary finish line as we playout the finish of an upcoming race as we achieve or surpass our goal? Better still perhaps you have actually experienced this in reality as you finish a race.

     This is a wonderful thing, it means you care and that it matters, it exudes passion and drive and the joy of living, it emotes overcoming struggle and reaching the 'top of the mountain'..it conjures up David & Goliath and overcoming the odds to 'bring home the bacon'...all fun stuff and as a Race Emcee, I never tire of witnessing this in most runners that finish from the fastest to the not quite so fast....I say most as I also witness some runners seemingly more disconnected, more.machine like or less emotional and there is nothing wrong with that; we all process in our own unique way.....but this leads me to my daily musing for this last Friday in January 2017...I.e. To ask you my reader to leave a comment on today's blog and tell me your 'Rocky' moment or song...what is your perfect song or moment as your finish line in your key race plays out exactly as you dreamed and you ride off into the sunset, the victor, the conquerer~ in the words of the late great Frank Sinatra, your 'I did it my way' song or moment?...

   I look forward to hearing all about it...

     Walk in peace and have a great day ! 🏃 


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