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Technology is changing, our lives are changing, I am of the opinion that evolution and change is for the better...I am a look to the future kind of person, respectful and acknowledging of the past but not living in it.I do believe that if we do not respect history then we are doomed to repeat it and that can be a very bad thing but essentially I am a drive forward, head help up high with passion, enthusiasm and yes, a plan kind of guy...

I have noticed a shift in the past year or so in the types of demands on my coaching skill set, a very positive and welcome shift~ namely the addition of the multi sport athlete. As I and some other coaches of similar mindset work hard each and every year to educate the running community at large for the very real need to develop and refine one's running technique (there are still coaches out there that believe this is nonsense and that you run the way you were born; there are those that still believe the earth is flat and not round) there has been a new and ever increasing demand from athletes and parents of athletes from other sports for me to work on their running technique. These sports include but are not limited to soccer, lacrosse, baseball, basketball. Immediately before sitting down to write today's blog I had a conference call 'across the pond' with a current Professional soccer player in the English Premier League (a current starting player not a former player from decades ago) and we had a discussion to this very same subject...This particular player holds soccer clinics in the UK and in the USA and we discussed me joining their coaching team to specifically work with the athletes on running form. I was surprised to hear that even at the highest level such as the EPL they don't do this and the player was very interested to hear my theories on why for example at the last major world soccer tournament (Euros '16) such a high % of goals were scored at the end of each half. I surmised that with ever increasing fatigue over 45 minutes running form breaks down making it even harder to a) move across the field and b) harder to concentrate on the game at hand thus increasing mental mistakes giving the advantage to the attacker.. Think NFL here...it is always harder to be the cornerback than the receiver as the receiver knows the route ahead of time. So I am delighted to be breaking new ground and transcending sports and barriers...Run Tall, Run Easy is coming to a soccer, lacrosse, baseball field near you and I could not be more excited.. ~

Walk in peace and let the good times roll !

Pic below:

Hurricane Sam doing his thing ~ Multi sport style !

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