Are you working 'On Your Game'?

Life in the Fast Lane

Perhaps a phrase more commonly associated with multi sport or skill sports such as soccer, basketball, Lacrosse, golf, tennis and of course Field Events within our own Sport such as Pole Vault, Triple Jump etc,

Middle distance and Distance Running

The simple fact of the matter is that not enough runners take the time to work on technique, either too lazy, too indifferent, choose not to make the time or do not know how...these days social media has provided excellent platforms from which to research and search and study optimal running biomechanics and technical instruction.

Alternative Methods and Different Options

Below are two videos that show two different options for training during a tough Winter in cold conditions. In video #1, two of my students training on an outdoor track, perhaps too cold for an expansive track workout and the young runner depicted too young for a full track workout but not too young to work on technical development over a small canvas with goals to work on timing, coordination, rhythm, body awareness, arm carriage, breathing cadence and proper ground mechanics (foot position at point of contact).

In video #2, I demonstrate an agility, acceleration and recovery interval taking the same length of time indoors as a 400-600+ meter interval on the track (spending on the runner's speed and ability) working on timing, coordination, foot strike and maintaining form under the duress of ever increasing fatigue- excellent tools for racing a middle distance event such as the 800 or 1500 meter distances.

The couch is not a viable option

Inclement weather? Rain, snow and ice in the depths of winter? Find a small space at home or at your local health club and work on your timing and hurdle drills, side floats and mini strides, high knees slowly or at speed~ arm swing and foot contact positions- so much that can be done to 'Work on your Game' so that when race season in the Spring arrives, you will be better informed, better prepared, overall better balanced,fitter and more confident to hit the tracks and roads on the way to achieving new personal bests at your racing distances.....don't give in to the couch, but rather, lace 'em up and 'Work on your Game'

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