Training in the image of an Olympian~ Part 2...

Life in the Fast Lane

Whichever corner of this beautiful globe you are in I wish you a Happy Friday..

......The training must be planned and must be sequential in order to fully engender the 'Training Adaptation'...essentially the body's natural self adjustment to the training stress placed upon it...There has to be time to allow the adaptation to take place...Optimal stress followed by Optimal recovery = Optimal Performance.

Now understand that my philosophy as coach and athlete is to take one's journey as far as one can possibly take it...we don't have any control over the DNA we inherit, but we have considerable control and influence over what we do with it. To sustain this philosophy 'Training in the image of an Olympian' it is paramount that the training is planned,sequential, progressive, rational, flexible, adaptive and own training conscience regulator was instilled in me by my mostly Mexican training partners many years ago when they taught me about the ways of 'El Dragon'...a philosophy I now employ in all aspects of my life, not just training racing and coaching..El Dragon is a wonderful honest mythical entity that watches over us at all times paying close attention to how we maintain our part of the balance of the universe...when we comply with balance El Dragon let's us pass, let's us proceed, will allow us to train intensely to work towards our goals tempered by optimal restoration permitting the adaptation to essence training in the image of an Olympian is the very essence of 'El Dragon' which is a true reflection of the balance of the when you head out the door this weekend to train, draw on the image of your favorite Olympian and look over your shoulder...El Dragon will be watching..

Walk in peace and let the good times roll !

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