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Several years ago whilst being interviewed by Jonathan Beverly, the Editor-In Chief of Running Times I happened to use as part of my conversation the phrase of today's title to my daily musing...for me a matter of fact, non sensational par for the course expression that reflects a great deal on my perspective towards proper training not exercising appears in my book as the title to a Chapter 'Don't Exercise, Train'...Jonathan was curious about this phrase as I explained its meaning and how for eight years in the 90's especially the years under Coach Brock I adopted and developed this approach and in so doing improved my mile and marathon times respectively from 10 mins to 4.17 and 4.41 to phase two of my life in running as a professional coach I have seen a high school Junior hockey make the switch to a competitive runner and become a state champion two miler in less than two yeas, a Collegiate runner become the first female athlete to win the MAC Conference XC in her school's history, an open runner improve his marathon time from 3.32 to 2.56 in ten months and a Master's runner win a National 1500 meter Master's title as just a few self experienced examples to further instill the belief in me that this is the proper approach to adopt...all training in the image of an Olympian...on my journey as a runner with the vast improvements that I made I overtook figuratively and in many cases literally the runners that stubbornly and compulsively exercise but don't train...

I have no time for this behavior and I never accept or buy into 'well running has to be fun' the implication being that somehow methodical sequential training is boring and not fun... here is a news flash, no one has more fun when their running than I do and here is another news flash, making exciting improvements and developments in one's running times is fun...the problem is it requires a system and a level of patience and this seems to be where we fall short in the United States... immediate gratification is sought in lieu of long term often this approach leads to injury and then the compulsive athletes continue to run with the injury compounding the problem.. the point here being an Olympian would not do this.. they employ rational thought with intelligent planning that makes adjustments according to changing conditions not blindly ploughing on ignoring all factors in the name of 'I must run today'.. I have enormous respect for our chosen sport and a disdain for those that choose to fly in its face and all the very good that our sport brings with it to our lives... my fellow runners cherish our sport and do not disrespect 'El Dragon'....To be continued.....

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