Ruby Tuesday......from Life in the Fast Lane..

An original musing from Coach GP, Author of Run Tall, Run Easy and the Founder of the Run Tall, Run Easy Method....

       Preparing for competition takes time and should be well planned..coaching is as much about developing synchronicity and trust with one's athlete as it is about the science of the training but make no mistake, a good coach has to understand the science of cardiopulmonary adaptation and equally so has to execute the correct workouts at the correct time. Training in the image of an Olympian should be extreme but not compulsive~measured with sound, intelligent thought and flexible and adaptive allowing for adjustment to constantly changing elements, circumstances and events. Spend time developing yourself outside the lines to optimize your performance inside the lines..

   Part of this development must work on agility, balance, technique,range of motion and coordination ~it is not enough in the long run just

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    Walk in peace & let the good times roll !Life in the Fast Lane

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