Yesterday (an original piece from 11/08)

An original piece by Coach GP AS I continue to look into my history as a coach and all things life !

One of the classic songs of all times …….in my world,it is relevant because: “Yesterday“…….. the teacher got schooled by the student with 200 meters to go in the mile and with Generation Four squarely in my sights, he hit a gear that I looked down for and somehow misplaced……ergo….it wasn’t there ! ‘Nick the Quick’ had arrived……….and “Suddenly, I’m not half the man I used to be, there’s a shadow hanging over me, I believe in yesterday !~ Seriously though, thanks to all those that took time out of a busy family day to attend our Great Performance Coaching/ 7th Annual Thanksgiving Relays ~ This was the biggest and best to date for sure. The weather for a late Fall day on the east coast was perfect and a great time was had by all. The tone was set early by the throwing of the football during the warm up laps, normally sacrilege for track folk on the track but perfectly allowable on this day followed up by good honest hard working cheating and skullduggery during the distance medley by Steve “Cut Across Shorty” Ludeking (Rod Stewart ref!)as he turned his 1200m meter leg into hhmm maybe a 1,000 meters at most and still got run down by JW !!~ Still he did have his phallic relay baton as consolation !~ and how about Mr. honor and integrity himself, our very own beloved and revered Coach Schaefer leaving about 20 meters too soon before receiving the baton during the 100 meter shuttle relay…..oh well, the one day of the year when cheating, conniving and creative blatant disregard for good sportsmanship is encouraged and applauded ! Steve in addition to the children, Luke, Sam and Joshua present was undoubtedly the MVP of the day and as for the Kit Kat bar ‘break of the day’…well that belonged to Generation Four and I was left to ponder ‘There’s a shadow hanging over me, I am not half the man I used to be” but was soon consoled by that fabulous glazed donut from DD’s of course and a nice hot cup of Java ! As always it was great to see our returning Collegiate athletes and also to see Zina and Marge, two brand new faces in the group in addition to my new friends and athletes Bronawyn and Dana attending their first T-G Relays !. Also great to see the return of ‘walkabout‘ Aaron Levine missing in action after his Ironman Florida triumph and last seen in a Go Go bar in Tennessee. To say he has been harder to find than Where’s Waldo? is an understatement !!! Speaking of missing in action; a rare appearance by one Kathleen Pearlberg still prepared to show off the awesome running mechanics she possesses ! and of course congratulations to ‘JW’ Wheat and ‘Muzz Laverty’ for being the Great Performance Coaching & Conditioning athlete and Master’s athlete of the year respectively ! Finally congratulations to our esteemed and beloved Coach Cancro who wrapped up his Thanksgiving week by closing on his wonderful new house ! Way to go John, since the new home is about a nine iron from the track, we look forward to moving Saturday post track parties to your house !!! Roll on next year for the 8th Annual Thanksgiving relays for more fun, antics and good ‘ol fashioned great times !

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