Balance is the Key to Life...

A reprint of a GP Original...

Earth is a planet of delicate balance. Everything happens for a reason to maintain the ecological delicacy of “Mother Earth” The Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Fire, Wind and Rain and all things magnificent contribute to the sustenance of this ancient planet… things beyond our control and often beyond our comprehension. The common denominator however is the planet trying hard to maintain its “Ph” levels in a manner of speaking. This all notwithstanding the efforts of the human race to screw it up……… runners we should heed the clues of this shining jewel of the solar system and search out balance….. The need to take care of the things outside the lines such as regular stretching, cross training and most definitely the need for intelligent and well thought out strength and conditioning in addition to a low stress life with lots of sleep and rest. This is all part of balance. Yes, the strength training it is still training but it provides the balance to the pounding of running and it strengthens the tendons and ligaments, increases body mass index which although running densifies the skeletal system, it can also chew up muscle tissue. Strength training is an excellent way to counter balance this net effect. I love to spend time with my children, I love to play soccer with them, run around with them, work in the garden with them, I love to surf with them and play on the beach, I love to skate board with them, watch TV with them, especially movies and cartoons and I love to hang out and do nothing with them. I enjoy my friends, drinking my Seltzer and lime, eating good food and I love to read vociferously. I also strength train and spend time stretching and aside from surfing with my children, I love to surf year round with my friends and I love to watch all manner of sports especially my beloved Chelsea and New York Mets and although I struggle to find time for it these days, I love to play golf.…. I also listen to my body and although I run to a planned schedule just as my athletes do, my first priority is to listen to my body and if I do not feel like running, I am confident that I am resting for the right reasons and not just because I am lazy. I can discern between the two. I also cross train through surfing, rowing, shadow boxing and jump rope to work on my speed and agility and mental processing skills and by playing with my children as aforementioned… I believe in the benefits of Yoga, Pilates, Chiropractic work, Active Isolated stretching in addition to whiling away my time when I can relaxing with a cup of java in a Dunkin Doughnuts or Starbucks watching the world go by or shooting the breeze with my buddies. I encourage you to do the same. Do not be compulsive with your life. Be extreme by all means- live life to the full- but live it in the image of a planet which contains upon it the necessary capacity for delicate balance between the intense fierceness of a raging hurricane and subsequent 100 foot seas with the gentle sound of a dove on a tree cooing on the edges of a golden meadow on a beautiful easy Sunday morning………..

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