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Because it Matters!

You say you want to achieve a goal and that is great, to me it is a big part of the excitement of life but you must be ready not necessarily to meet the goal (that part is unknown), no you must be ready to take on the journey....you must find inside you the steely strength, the desire, the focus, the concentration and the resolve to keep working toward it, through rain and shine, through thick and thin, through ups and down, over hills and through the valleys.......BUT most importantly, the want, need and desire must outstrip the doubts and the motivation wanes that creep up on us from time to time...when you feel like skipping or cutting short a workout, you must remember that the unsatisfactory feeling of unfulfillment will last longer than the brief glee you may have by not having to lace up your shoes for that particular session or day...you must hold yourself accountable to a greater degree than anyone else may- your standards of expectation must remain at their highest levels but not at the expense of rational thought....as I have often made mention in my blog, extreme yes ! Compulsive no ! You must make an appointment with yourself every day with every session and keep that appointment as a priority just as you would if you were scheduled to meet your Doctor....ironically by keeping these appointments daily it may well be such that this prevents you from having to see the Doctor on a regular basis other than for your annual check up !

Do not let yourself down, be strong, be true, find your raison' d'etre to train daily, it must be for you so that in turn you can be there for other very important in your life....you must stay the course 'Because it Matters' !

Life in the Fast Lane

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