Soccer .. Lacrosse .. Basketball

Soccer .. Lacrosse .. Basketball

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How can coaching help?

I believe there is a direct correlation between running efficiency, subsequent breakdown of from leading to mental mistakes at the critical point of competition. Physical breakdown leads to loss of focus, composure and the competition killer – closing intensity.

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You have the drive and the talent. But can you compete?

I can prepare you to physically compete in your chosen sport. Training with the Run Tall Run Easy method will allow you to make the best of your athletic abilities and gain that all important mental toughness that can only come from the knowledge that you are 100% physically prepared to fight until the final whistle blows


As a college lacrosse player, one of the major focuses for every team is the work done outside of practice. That includes foot-work, weight training, and of course, running.


With Coach GP, I was able to not only include all of these aspects in my training, but develop them so that I would excel by time fall-ball rolled around. [Coach] GP and I took the time to look at what my strengths and weaknesses were, and how I wanted to develop my game, and from there we developed a program which put me in the position I needed to be in to succeed.


By the time the season started, I knew I was in better shape than the competition, and I owe it all to Coach GP.

How does this work? Visit my FAQ for nuts and bolts but rest assured the phone consultation is just that - a consultation. No pressure. No contracts. Just trying to find out how I can help.

  • Gain that competitive edge

  • Avoid injury

  • Maximize your athletic talent