By the way, I loved your book. I have had hip pain for two years and since reading your book, I changed my foot strike from being a heel striker to a midfoot-forefoot strike and I havebeenpain free completely.


I am still trying to learn the proper cadence and best way to land, but I feel encouraged. I had a lot of pain after the marathon and am looking forward to improving.


Ryan Binkley

My Company First Sergeant, David Baker, allowed me to borrow your book, "Run Tall, Run Easy" 2nd Edition.


He spoke very highly about your methods and how they have helped decrease his run times. The information will be very helpful in my pursuit of completing a Full Ironman this upcoming. November. Unfortunately, I placed the book next to a water bottle that was not completely closed. It damaged the cover and the page with your signature. Is there any way to order a replacement book with another message and signature from you?


In May 2008,  after completing the Lincoln, Nebraska Marathon-2008 my First Sergeant, David Baker, qualified for the "All Guard" Marathon Team, comprised of both Army and Air Guardsmen.

He credited your book to his success.


SSG Tim Sullivan

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