A Bit About Me

Born: Southampton, England - I'm a Brit

Qualifications: Level 2 USATF Coach

Years Coaching: 1995 - Present

Region: Monmouth & Ocean Counties, NJ

Publications: Run Tall Run Easy: 2nd Edition

How I became a runner and a running coach

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. Let me tell you a little bit about myself, and what motivates my work.


 I grew up in a town on the southern coast of England called Brighton.


In 1988, I immigrated to Los Angeles, California, where I began training for my first marathon. In 1990, at the age of 27, I completed that marathon (NY), clocking in at 4.41.05.


I relocated to Santa Cruz in October 1990 and was so destroyed by my first marathon physically, emotionally, psychologically and chemically that I did not run a step until the summer of 1991.


Now living a quieter life on the Monterey Bay I went for a routine physical. In the Doctor’s waiting room, I picked up a copy of Runner’s World and saw a small ad for the 1992 Big Sur Marathon.


That is when a ‘light went on’ and I committed to reinventing myself, to make myself mentally and physically stronger and to exploring why that first marathon was such a challenge, especially considering the fact that I was a star athlete in high school, albeit in multi-sport activities such as rugby and soccer.


Why had this marathon exposed me to the very core of my humanity?  I began training in earnest, not just exercising. Reading and studying from every resource I could find and spent thousands of hours working on my running technique and overall body strength in addition to my running fitness and development.


As I pursued this journey, the metamorphosis was incredible and over the next seven years  my times improved, culminating in a third place finish at the Napa Valley Marathon in 2.34.43, and in the same year winning the Nike World Games 1500 (34-39 AG) in 4.06 and running a 4.21 mile that same summer. Still training hard as a competitive master runner, I have now completed twenty-seven marathons and hundreds of road and track races.


Since turning forty, I have regularly achieved All-American status in the 800 meter, 1500 meter, and mile distance races.


 At age 49, I ran a 16.36-minute 5k, and at 53, I ran a 4.47-minute 1500-meter race. My experiences in self-improvement and training eventually led me to  coaching and motivational speaking. 


I started out as a local and regional coach, and eventually brought my business to an international level.  Via my original website, RunningBuzz.com, I was able to reach far and wide into the running community extending to coaching athletes on a National and International basis from novice to Olympian. In writing the First Edition of my book Run Tall, Run Easy, The Ultimate Guide to Better Running Mechanics I was given a platform to speak initially locally in California to runners about running technique but quickly evolving to speaking engagements at major road races across North America due to the high energy and unique content and delivery of my lectures spanning tangible information on running technique, race tactics and management and of course interesting and fun fact filled anecdotes.


I am intensely passionate about not only teaching runners how to train (The Training Plan) taking my athletes to heights they never imagined possible, taking them literally ‘beyond presumed limits’ but also what separates me apart from so many coaches is that I specialize so much in teaching runners the ‘How to Run’


It provides me with immense fulfillment to be able to share my journey, from novice running to world-class marathons, with others and help them grow as athletes. As a race emcee and guest speaker at major races, I’ve been humbled to share the stage with notable running industry dignitaries such as Dave McGillivray, Frank Shorter, Dick Beardsley, Bart Yasso, Mark Allen, Bill Rodgers, Matt Long, Deena Kastor,Amy Burfoot,Sara Reinertsen and more.


In 2001, my family and I left the west coast for New Jersey. Since 2008, I have been the head coach for Team Boomer of the Boomer Esiason Foundation. Together, we have raised over $100 million towards fighting the genetic disease cystic fibrosis.


In 2015, I accepted a position as Head Fitness Coach for the Jersey Coast Football Academy, a program designed to help aspiring football players achieve the necessary academic credits to transfer to Division One programs. The JCA is associated with Ocean County College and I am responsible for the fitness, speed, and development of sixty athletes each year.

When I’m not racing, speaking, or training, I enjoy life on the Jersey Shore with my wife and two sons. From the U.K. to California, to the east coast, it's been an incredible journey, and I'm excited to share it with you!

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Coach GP has helped me dramatically improved my running over the past year.  He's knowledgeable, highly motivating, and an outstanding communicator.   Despite the fact that I live 70 miles from him it feels like we are neighbors given how often we text, email and talk.

Paul Bjorneby

New York, NY

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I just want to let you know what a positive influence you have had on our lives.  You have consistently and steadily been a mentor and positive role model for my son these past few years.  You showed him how to work through disappointment and injury with discipline and commitment.   You’ve demonstrated for him what it takes to be an athlete and the level of engagement needed to improve.   You have said that running is a metaphor for life and I absolutely agree.  Times will get better but the bigger lessons learned will continue to bear fruit for a lifetime. 

Nancy N.

New Jersey

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